Thank you Frightenstein fans!  When next we meet in Frankenstone...


We are extremely excited to announce that pre-ordering for the limited edition pressing of the Hilarious House of Frightenstein Vinyl Series will begin:

Friday September 1st, 2017 at noon CST.

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein album will contain classic audio segments from the original show featuring The Count, Igor, Dr. Pet Vet, Grizelda, The Wolfman, Super Hippy, Vincent Price and more! The audio and tracklisting on each album is identical.

We like to think of it as an audio companion to the televised show.

Is there any music on this record?


The album will include the original Hilarious House of Frightenstein theme song March of The Martians and will also feature a full song chosen by The Wolfman from his DJ booth at Radio Station EECH in the castle. Full tracklisting below.

Side A:
1. Welcome To Castle Frightenstein (Vincent Price)
2. Gory, Gory Transylvania (The Count and Igor)
3. Go Go Gorilla (The Gorilla)
4. Pets Are Friends (Dr. Pet Vet and Igor)
5. Mystic Readings (The Oracle)
6. A Thing of Beauty To Behold (Grizelda The Ghastly Gourmet)
7. Zany Zoo Time (Bwana Clyde Batty)
8. It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Super Hippy (Super Hippy)
9. A Solution For Brucie (The Count and Igor)

Side B:
1. Confessions from Radio Station EECH (The Wolfman)
2. A Terrifying Story (The Librarian)
3. Everything We Ever Wanted To Know About Traveling In A Sailing Ship (Gronk and The Count)
4. Inscrutable Wisdom (The Maharishi)
5. Hammering Some Grammar (The Grammar Slammer and Igor)
6. Lunchtime (The Mosquito)
7. Physics Is My Business (The Professor)
8. Mail From The Dead Letter Office (Harvey Wallbanger and The Count)
9. The Castle Lights Are Growing Dim (Vincent Price)

I see there are 4 different covers to choose from. What's the difference between each record?

There will be 4 different album covers featuring a unique character and coloured vinyl.

The audio and tracklisting on each album is identical.

The only difference from each album is the cover art and the colored vinyl it's pressed on.

  • The Count "Gory Gory" Transylvania album will be pressed on custom red vinyl
  • The Igor "Yes Master" album will be pressed on custom green vinyl
  • The Wolfman "Dig It" album will be pressed on custom orange vinyl
  • The Vincent Price "Don't Come Alone" album will be pressed on custom glow in the dark vinyl*

*Disclaimer: DO NOT hold album directly near a light source that generates heat or in direct sunlight as this may damage the album. Groove Vinyl is not responsible for any damages incurred by improper use of the album including the above.

What else comes with this record?

Inside the record you will find:

  • An original Hilarious House of Frightenstein postcard
  • A 5x7 photo relating to the character album you have chosen
  • A photo booklet that contains never before seen set photos taken during the filming of the show at CHCH studios in 1971

All pre-orders will also receive a custom Hilarious House of Frightenstein premium outer record sleeve designed by Groove Vinyl.

Does the album come with a digital download code

No.  Unfortunately the various license agreements for this project do not include digital distribution so there will not be a download code for the audio.  The Count did say something about inventing a portable record player but we wouldn't hold our breath. 

When can I order these records?

Pre-orders will begin on Friday, September 1st at noon CST.

When will my records ship?

We anticipate orders will begin shipping during the week of November 20-26th. 

But I really want my record for Halloween. Can you ship it sooner?


The current expected ship date is the week of November 20-26th.

If we receive product before this date, customers will be notified and records will be shipped.

Customers will be updated via email with any updates on their orders.

How many records are being pressed?

These colored variants are limited to an edition of 1,000 records total.

Once they're gone, they're gone!

No really, we're serious.

Can I buy this record in stores?

The album is currently only available through

We are working with retailers in hopes of getting the album into your local record shop.

What is the price of this album?

Individual copies of these albums are $34.99 CDN.

This price does not include shipping.

Information regarding shipping costs can be found below.

Is there a bundle price if I want to buy all 4 versions?


We are offering a bundle of all 4 versions for $125.00 CDN.

This bundle includes all 4 records and comes with a free Hilarious House of Frightenstein tote bag to carry your new records in. Fangtastic!

This bundle price does not include shipping.

How much will shipping costs be?

Canadian orders will be shipped via Canada Post from Winnipeg MB Canada. Shipping costs will be calculated based on shipping mode requested, total weight of order and destination postal code.  

Manitoba customers will have the option to select free local pickup / delivery in Winnipeg.

US orders will be shipped via USPS Media Mail from Los Angeles, CA at a flat rate cost of $7.50 (CAD).

International orders will be shipped via Canada Post from Winnipeg MB Canada.  Shipping costs will be calculated based on shipping mode requested, total weight of order and destination postal code.

Any applicable duties will be the responsibility of the receiver.

I still have unanswered questions about this album. Who can I contact?

Please email and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions you have.